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Introduce your friends to the wonders of tabletop role-playing games. Gamer's Revolt in Fort Plain, NY has a wide variety of miniature board games for you and your friends to play together.

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Would you like to participate in classes and game sessions with fellow board game enthusiasts?

Our local hobby shop offers:

Miniature painting classes - personalize your miniatures or make them historically accurate with custom painting
Model painting lessons - create detailed miniature buildings for your board game nights
Tabletop role-playing sessions - participate in an exciting Dungeons & Dragons game at our store

If you want to join in on a strategy board game session or paint some miniatures with your friends, stop by our local hobby shop today.

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There's a reason we're the go-to local hobby shop in Fort Plain, NY. Local gamers come to us for all their strategy board game-related needs because:

We have over 10 years of experience selling board games and miniatures
Our business is family-owned and operated
We have a kid-friendly area where children can play
We donate board games to kids in the community
Military members get a discount

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